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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spa Circle at Injap Tower: Possibly The Best Spa in iloilo

Spa Circle in Iloilo: 5th Floor of Injap Tower

I'm such a sucker for great massages. Every time I visit a new city, I would always go to a spa center and get a whole body massage, ventosa (cupping) and a great foot massage. The first ever great massage experience I've had was at the Pacific Spa in Davao. The music and service were so great and unbelievably reasonably priced too! 

So I'm always good for a great massage here in Iloilo. Much to my pleasure when me and boyfie learned that we both love massage so much. So last Sunday, we decided to get a whole body massage. Since Spa Riviera has always been a favorite, we've decided to go there first. We were told to wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes since we didn't book an appointment. Not wanting to waste time and simply relax, we've decided to go to Spa Circle where we've been received with warm smiles by the receptionist. She was so helpful that she actually checked to those who booked whether they want to cancel or not. Unfortunately the couple who booked the couple service arrived after 3 minutes. We then went to Nuat Thai in Diversion Road and was told that Nuat Thai in Sarabia Hotel had 2 female masseuse available. We had 1 hour body massage and 30 minutes foot massage and ventosa (cupping) to which we paid Php 380.00 each. It was relaxing experience though we wish there was a shower room in their Sarabia Hotel branch (their Diversion road have!).

Last night, we've decided to check out Spa Circle again. The same hospitality we've experienced when we inquired last Sunday was extended to us. The receptionist along with other Spa Circle staff were so friendly and attentive. We've decided to have 30 minutes sauna which costed us Php200.00 each. If the service is availed together with any massage, it would be Php100.00 per 15 minutes. 

Below is a list of their services and price list:

After payment, we were escorted to our room where we changed to our designated robes. We then headed to the sauna room which is slightly smaller than that of Spa Riviera but noticeably more modern. The experience was definitely great as the room was complete with towel and water and all the necessary things you'd need inside a sauna room. 

There were two separate comfort rooms (toilets) and shower rooms for men and women complete with shampoo and shower gel. The rooms were noticeably spic and span, smells refreshing and there's a constant soothing music in all rooms. Spa Circle definitely is climbing up the charts of my favorite spa centers not just in Iloilo!

Spa Circle is located at 5th Floor of Injap Tower, opens at 12 noon till 12 midnight. 
You may call them for inquiries and reservations by dialing 3307100 or 09228157091

Monday, September 29, 2014

SM Has The Best Fruits, at Least in Iloilo

Whenever I buy groceries, I would usually go to Iloilo Supermart or SM Delgado. 

Yesterday though, me and mom decided to buy from Gaisano City Lapaz. We've bought watermelons and pineapples from there and I've got to say that SM has far better quality fruits! While it may be cheaper to buy fruits from street vendors and somewhere else, I've noticed that grapes and especially pineapple stocks from SM Malls are way better. Perhaps because larger companies have better logistics and storage capacities when compared to smaller establishments. 

Just wanted to send publish a quick note on this so I could keep this in mind whenever I buy new fruits in the future. 

Do you have any favourite store where you buy your fruits and groceries from? 

Dova Brunch Cafe in Lapaz Iloilo

After reading the post from Greggy of CafeIlonggo about Dova, I'm sold. 

So me and boyfie went there for brekky this morning and their ham and egg omellete didn't disappoint!

Ham and Egg omelette at Dova Brunch Cafe

 I opted for their Querida Burger which definitely tasted 100% pure ground beef. 

Hands down to their omellete and their Strawberry Banana Shake (in generous proportion) was also very tasty - me gusta! 

Dova Brunch Cafe is located at Huervana Street Extension (near Plaza Lagoon). Opens from 9am to 9pm. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Possibly The Best Homemade Banana Chips at Remnant

I love the veggie meat at Remnant in Lapaz, Iloilo. 

They're made from their fresh produce and quite reasonably priced too. 

So after having lunch today, I've decided to try and buy some snacks. My venture led me to their Homemade Banana Chips  which is made from bananas, sesame seeds, brown sugar and cooked in pure vegetable oil. 

First bite and my life was changed. Unlike most banana chips in the market, Remnant's banana chips is definitely topnotch as it's not too hard to bite and the sesame seeds definitely gives it a distinct and easily likable taste. 

Each pack of Homemade Banana Chips only costs Php 20 at Remnant (Huervana Street in Lapaz Iloilo) 

Good Places to Chill in Iloilo

Where are the healthy foods in Iloilo?  My recommended restaurants to chill 

During my trip to Manila, I couldn't help but be amazed at the myria choices of places to chill and have good (read: healthy) foods - one of which is Slice at Bonificio High Street at 7th Street. The place is owned by the Philippines Senator Pia Cayetano. 

They serve sandwiches, salads, burgers and many others. My instant favorite was this apple salad because of its dressing, it was an immediate love at first taste. 

I had such a great experience at Slice that I wish they'd open a branch here in Iloilo (Senator Pia Cayetano: if you're reading this, please please consider bringing the good food in Iloilo!) 

So now that I'm back in Iloilo, I kind of miss the many choices. There are only two places I could think of that serve good (healthy) foods - Midway and Remnant in Lapaz. Sometimes you get some nice options in JD Bakery (homegrown bakery in Iloilo) but that's pretty much it. 

I kind of miss Marshe in Singapore where you just got various options and be able to eat healthy and not to worry about getting your pockets getting hurt. 

So for over a month, me and boyfie scoured Iloilo in search for some of the best healthy restaurants and below is the list of my personal favourites (note: except for Midway, most of these restaurants have free wifi access) 

1. Midway - located in front of SM Delgado, this restaurant serve vegetarian foods that's made from ther fresh produce in Passi (where they have a rather cozy branch). Personal favourite is their cheese burger with eggplant fries :) 

2. Remnant - located at Huervana Street in Lapaz, the alternative medicine center serve Filipino cuisiines made out of veggie meat! The place opens at 8:30 am and a great place to grab freshly squeezed juice (love their pineapple juice with peppermint) 

3. Cilantro - the restaurant serve proper Vietnamese foods (perhaps the only one that actually serve decent tasting ones in Iloilo). 

While the Pho and pad Thai may not match the ones I fell in love with in Singapore, they serve pretty much tasty Vietnamese cuisines. The place is located  in Jalandoni Street (in front of Mormon chapel). 

Note: wifi zone

4. Mooon Cafe in SM City - a great place to match your quest for Mexican foods. While Mexican and fried foods do not necessarily translate to healthy, I definitely recommend the place for good ambiance and great service! 

Personal favourite is their quesadillas! 

5. Uncle Tom's (Diversion Road branch) 

A list of great places to chill in Iloilo wouldn't be complete without Uncle Tom's. Great staff, nice and comfy beanbags and swings and free wifi too )(though most of the time too slow though). The place serves fried chicken, spare ribs and many other fried foods. Okay, not necessarily healthy but really great tasting foods especially their chicken foods (chicken wings, buttered chicken) and just recently tried their tuna belly (just the right amount of delicious!) 

There you go, some of the good restaurants to chill in Iloilo. If you happen to know any other places I've missed, I'd love to hear them in the comments so we could check it out!